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Things to Remember When Applying For Partner Visa 

It's like a dream come true to spend your life with someone special, whose hands you're holding while visiting your favorite coffee shop. There's a chance you're considering relocating to the location where your partner lives, which brings with it the stress and uncertainty of your partner's visa application. Have you ever had that gut-wrenching feeling? We understand how stressful and overwhelming the visa process can be. We can't help you with the feeling, but we can certainly give you some pointers to consider before applying for a partner visa.






To begin with, it is important to be eligible for the Visa


Either you are married, engaged, and planning to marry, or you are living together in a de facto relationship. In order to apply for a partner visa, you must show proof that you are in a genuine and committed relationship.


Partner visas are applied for in two stages. An application for a Provisional Visa is the first step, followed by an application for a Permanent Visa. In your lifetime, you can sponsor up to two overseas partners, with each application having to be at least 5 years apart.


Make an effort to be through:- 


Don't rush through the process of filling out and submitting your application. Apart from the cost and the personal significance of the application to you and your partner, you must provide accurate and complete information to ensure that your application is processed quickly. To avoid delays later on, take the time to properly fill out the forms, answer all questions, and go over your document checklist. Make sure the information you and your partner are submitting is consistent and backed up by the evidence you're submitting.

If you are someone moving to Australia with your significant other then you should also hold a substantive visa. If you are Not holding a substantive visa when applying a partner visa in Australia then Scientia lawyers can help you out. To avail all the immigration law services reach out to us. Hurry up!! Your home is waiting for you. 


Choose your visa type carefully:- 


Partner visas are divided into two categories:


Offshore spouse/partner visa


This is a visa for couples or visa applicants who are not Australian citizens. You may enter Australia and take up residence once the visa is granted. It is for applicants who are in a de facto or married relationship and are willing to wait offshore until the visa is granted.


Onshore spouse/partner visa


This is a visa for people who already have a residence in Australia. The advantage of this type of application is that, in many cases, the visa applicant can stay in Australia while the partner's application is being processed while on a bridging visa. Given the current processing times of up to 21 months, applying onshore is unquestionably the better option.


Be honest:- 


Even a minor lie can jeopardize an application, and case officers at the Department of Immigration are trained to spot inconsistencies in statements. Make sure you disclose everything you need to know on your application and give an accurate account of how your relationship progressed. If you're worried about your application because of issues like a short time together or long periods of time apart, seek professional help and guidance from Scientia lawyers, If you are Not holding a substantive visa when applying a partner visa in Australia then can also help you in that case. It's a step closer to living your dreams; don't wait any longer.


Get your supporting documents ready:- 


It's critical to gather and organize your supporting documents before submitting your application; this will help you determine whether you meet all of the visa requirements. The supporting documents you submitted should show that your relationship is genuine and that it has lasted for a long time. If you are planning to visit your partner who are living in Australia then it’s important for you to apply for Substantive visa. It is nothing but a tourist visa and if you still are confused about the concept and you are also someone Not holding a substantive visa when applying a partner visa in Australia, then we are there to help. Our immigration lawyers are knowledgeable and skilled, which is why we are Sydney's best immigration law firm. We are highly efficient, transparent, and responsive in our practice, and we strive for high levels of client satisfaction. 

Not holding a substantive visa when applying a partner visa in Australia
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